Представляем уникальные англоязычные издания
из фонда читального зала научной и иностранной литературы.

Calhoun C. Sociology : Calhoun Craig, D. Light, S. Keller. - 6th ed. - New York: McGraw-Hill, 1994. - 651 p.

This is a book from which a student will learn about the best of contemporary and classical sociology. Five key concepts – functional integration, power, social action, social structure and culture – are presented in the book as major tools of sociological work.

Keywords: culture, childhood, education, ethnicity, family, health, old age, race, religion, state, urbanization, war.

Santrock J. Life-span development : Santrock John W. - 5th ed. - Dubuque: Brown& Benchmark, 1995. - XXXVI, 691 p.

The author shows the development of human beings from the very birth till late adulthood. The book reveals the main problems a person faces with at different periods of life. Moreover, it covers psychological aspects and types of behaviour of people.

Keywords: aging, childbirth, development, early childhood, education, evolution, family, gender roles, health, language development, marriage, memory, play, research, schools, women.

Johnson A. Human arrangements: An introduction to sociology / Johnson Allan G. - 4th ed. - Madison: Broun & Benchmark, 1996. – 510 p.

This is a book from which a student will learn about general concepts of sociology and its structure. The book has 5 parts which are further subdivided in chapters. This work is useful for those interested in sociology studies, its major concepts and research methods.

Keywords: age structure, births, blacks, children, community, culture, ecology, education, ethnicity, family, gender, language, population, race, school, science, social structure.

Santrock J. Children / Santrock John W. - 4th ed. - Dubuque: Brown & Benchmark, 1995. - XXXII, 655 p.

The book not only provides extensive information about applications to the real world of children but also is a thorough, sound, up-to-date presentation of the science of child development. Both classic and leading – edge research are highlighted.

Keywords: AIDS, attachment, child abuse, childbirth, child development, early childhood, family, identity, language development, stress, visual perception.

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